We use both the traditional method with bucket and squeegee (bungalows only) and the more modern Pure Water Fed Pole System (See below) Only the best quality equipment is used for both methods ensuring a superb finish. Frames and sills are always cleaned meaning a complete clean for one price.         

Pure Water Window Cleaning is great news for any Window Cleaner, and their customers.

By using high reach telescopic poles and filtered water brought by us, windows can be cleaned with both feet safely on the ground.

*Previously inaccessible windows can be cleaned with ease.

*Upper floor privacy guaranteed.

*Compliance with Health & Safety laws.
How Does It Work?

Tap water contains a lot of chemicals & minerals (mainly Calcium & Magnesium).

It's these minerals which often leave a white residue on the glass.

The water which is used to clean your windows has been treated by passing it through a series of filters, which de-ionise & de-mineralise tap water to remove any impurities.

The treated water can now be used to clean your windows, leaving a streak free finish.